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Lunisolar cycles

Calendars from every known civilisation have fallen under the classifications of lunar, solar, and lunisolar.

Old Roman Calendar

According to legend, the Old Roman calendar was created by the founder of Rome, Romulus himself, in the year 753 BC.

Julian calendar

In order to avoid further confusion in the Roman calendar, Gaius Julius Caesar reformed the Roman calendar in 46 BC.

The Council of Nicaea in 325

The first ecclesiastical council of Nicaea occurred in 325, in what is now known as the Turkish town of Iznik.

The Roman Dating System

The Romans counted the days of each month in a somewhat confusing manner.

Calendar eras

An era is a continuous series of years measured by the occurrence of a significant event, whether legendary or historical. The earliest days of an era are called the epoch.

Different beginnings for the new year

On this page you can find six of the most commonly used starting dates that have been in use throughout Europe.

The Martyrology

The martyrology was originally designed as a calendar that listed all of the recognized saints in Roman Catholicism.

Dies caniculares

The ancient Greeks and Romans noticed the temperature was at its peak during the months of July and August, and coincidentally, this period of time also saw the beginning of the heliacal rising of Sirius.

Dies egyptiaci

The Dies egyptiaci, egyptiacus, aeger, mali. It was considered a sign of the “unfortunate days”, when it wasn’t appropriate to work, trade, or travel.

Gregorian calendar reform

The most widely used calendar the world over is the Gregorian calendar.

Reception of the Gregorian Calendar

The correction of the calendar in its original state was initially adopted in 1582, but only by Roman Catholic countries.

Tabula Paschalis Nova Reformata

An easy-to-read table for quick and simple identification of Easter, and all other church holidays that derive from it.

Tabula Noviluniorum

A table of ecclesiastical new moons published by Christopher Clavius in his book NOVI CALENDARII ROMANI APOLOGIA​.

French Republican (revolutionary) calendar

The Republican (often called Revolutionary) calendar is a product of passionate opposition to the old order during the Great French Revolution.