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The Martyrology

The martyrology was originally designed as a calendar that listed all of the recognized saints in Roman Catholicism.

Dies caniculares

The ancient Greeks and Romans noticed the temperature was at its peak during the months of July and August, and coincidentally, this period of time also saw the beginning of the heliacal rising of Sirius.

Dies egyptiaci

The Dies egyptiaci, egyptiacus, aeger, mali. It was considered a sign of the “unfortunate days”, when it wasn’t appropriate to work, trade, or travel.

Gregorian calendar reform

The most widely used calendar the world over is the Gregorian calendar.

Reception of the Gregorian Calendar

The correction of the calendar in its original state was initially adopted in 1582, but only by Roman Catholic countries.

When Easter is celebrated

Easter Sunday falls on the first Sunday after the Paschal (ecclesiastical full moon), which being fixed as 21 March, makes Easter Sunday capable of occurring as early as 22 March and no later than 25 April.

Calculation of Easter Sunday in the Gregorian calendar

Detailed description of the calculation of Easter Sunday in the Gregorian calendar.

Calculation of Easter Sunday online

An online calculation of Easter Sunday in the Gregorian calendar.

Calendarium gregorianum

This table shows a medieval chronological aid, published in the book Explicatio, under the title of CALENDARIUM GREGORIANUM.

Table of dates for the Easter holidays

A table of calendar dates in the Gregorian calendar for the most important Easter holidays in the Eastern and Western churches.

Distribution of Easter Sundays in the Gregorian Calendar for the years 1800-2299

In this table you will find the occurrences of Easter Sunday on given dates for the next few centuries

Graph distribution of Easter Sunday depending on the epact

We can make a graph that displays every possible calendar date for Easter Sunday, along with the corresponding Gregorian epact in which each occurs.

The difference between Easter Sunday in the Julian and Gregorian calendars

The distribution graph below shows the difference between Easter Sunday in the Julian and Gregorian calendars by the amount of weeks.