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Calendarium gregorianum

This table shows a medieval chronological aid, published in the book Explicatio, under the title of CALENDARIUM GREGORIANUM.

Table of dates for the Easter holidays

A table of calendar dates in the Gregorian calendar for the most important Easter holidays in the Eastern and Western churches.

Distribution of Easter Sundays in the Gregorian Calendar for the years 1800-2299

In this table you will find the occurrences of Easter Sunday on given dates for the next few centuries

The Easter Paradox

If the predicted calculation for the first full moon of spring fails to match the observed astronomical data, the "Easter paradox" occurs.

Chronological Cycles

Chronological signs, characteristic marks, and other unique church numbers found in old calendars, are now considered obsolete.

Golden number

In this 19-year lunar cycle, 235 phases of the moon alternate nearly perfectly.


The Gregorian epact is a necessary prerequisite for calculating Easter Sunday.

Solar cycle

This solar cycle is composed of a continuously numbered series of 28 years, where all the years that form an identical match in week order are marked.

Dominical letter

To create the list of Dominical letters, a cycle was composed of the first seven letters of the alphabet (A - G).


The indiction is a number indicating how many times a given year appears in the order of a fifteen-year long, constantly recurring cycle.

Tabula Paschalis Nova Reformata

An easy-to-read table for quick and simple identification of Easter, and all other church holidays that derive from it.

Tabula Noviluniorum

A table of ecclesiastical new moons published by Christopher Clavius in his book NOVI CALENDARII ROMANI APOLOGIA‚Äč.