Chronological Cycles for year 2024

The papal bull Inter gravissimas also includes six appendices, or “canons”, which were intended to explain the terms below:

These terms form the foundations of the year. Chronological signs, characteristic marks, and other unique church numbers found in old calendars are now considered obsolete. These terms were originally taken from the Julian calendar, but over time saw considerable updates, with many of their calculations modified (e.g. epacts, Dominical letters, the determination of Easter). For the remaining terms (Golden number, solar cycle, indictions) that are used in the Gregorian calendar, their relevance has waned over time, becoming less important. In foreign sources, only the first five terms are taken as the chronological cycles, while calculating moving holidays, such as Easter Sunday, can be derived from them. Below you can find the values for a given year for both calendars:

Year 2024
Golden number11
Solar cycle17

Julian calendar
Dominical letterAG
Alexandrian epact20
Easter SundayApr 22
Easter Sunday
(in gregorian calendar)
May 5

Gregorian calendar
Dominical letterGF
Gregorian epact19
Easter SundayMar 31